LEO is a democratic organization led by members, many of whom volunteer their time to leadership positions. The union is governed by the elected Union Council, who hold term-limited positions. Other leadership positions such as Grievance Officers and Committee Chairs are not term-limited. Organizing and administrative staff are supervised by the Union Council.


Grievance Officers oversee the Contract Implementation & Organizing Committees on their respective campuses. Contact Grievance Officers with questions regarding potential contract violations, other workplace concerns, or to seek union representation pertaining to disciplinary action or termination. 

Kirsten Herold - Chief Grievance Officer

Barb Matthei - Dearborn Campus Grievance Officer

Stevens Wandmacher - Flint Campus Grievance Officer


The Union Council (UC) is the governing body of our union. UC officers are elected by the union membership. 

Ian Robinson - President**, Lecturer in Sociology and the Residential College

Kirsten Herold - Vice President, Lecturer in School of Public Health

Sheryl Edwards - Dearborn Campus Chair*, Lecturer in Political Science

Stephanie Gelderloos - Flint Campus Chair*, Lecturer in English

Shelley Manis - Ann Arbor Campus Co-Chair*, Lecturer in Sweetland Center for Writing

Phil Christman - Ann Arbor Campus Co-Chair*, Lecturer in English

Joe Walls - Treasurer, Lecturer in Ross School of Business (Retired)

Rabindar Subbian - Secretary**, Lecturer in School of Social Work

* Denotes that this position will be up for re-election in October 2018.
** Denotes that this position will be up for re-election in March 2019.


LEO employs a small team of paid organizing and administrative staff. Staff is responsible for supporting union leaders in their work by anchoring committees, engaging members via one-on-one conversations, and coordinating between different leadership bodies. 

Contact the organizer responsible for your campus if you have questions about your contract, campus union events, union social media content, or union strategy. Contact the Business Manager if you have questions related to dues deduction. 

General Office Contact | (734) 995-1813

Moe Fitzsimons - Lead Organizer; Flint Campus Organizer

Alex Elkins - Dearborn and Ann Arbor Central Campus Organizer

Angie Liao - Ann Arbor North Campus Organizer

Matt Oches - Ann Arbor Central Campus Organizer

Alicia Schaeffer - Dearborn Campus Organizer

Brenda Brown - Business Manager